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Copper Canyon

Pay Assessments

At CCMC, we are constantly striving to provide important services to you. We are continuing to make available direct
debit, electronic checks and credit card options for ease in assessment payments.
Copper Canyon Homeowners Association Assessments are due quarterly - January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st.

$840 yearly/$210 quarterly 
Assessments paid after the month in which they are due will be considered late.  Homeowners are strongly encouraged to set up a recurring payment option to avoid late fees.

Multiple Accounts
When paying by mail or through your online bill payment service, it is imperative that separate checks and envelopes be
used for each account. Each check should also list the account number to ensure timely and proper posting to the correct
account. The remittance address for your mailed payments is:

Copper Canyon HOA
c/o CCMC
P.O Box 533182
Atlanta, GA 30353-3182

Please make sure you mail your coupon/statement stub with your payment. Any payments that cannot be processed
automatically by the payment processing service center will be processed by converting your paper check into an
electronic check transaction.

Direct Debits
We continue to make the direct-debit payment option available at no charge. Here are the necessary steps to take to successfully download the direct debit form:
Click here to be directed to make a payment.